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Every minute is a teachable moment for both children and staff.  Communicating with children is a skillful art.  Rest assured that we model the appropriate behavior that we expect our students to learn and live by.  Our adminstrators and teachers at Kings Pointe Talent are licensed/study plan professionals who have years of experience in early childhood education.

​​1457 West 5th St. Brooklyn NY 11204      718-232-8686


Kings Pointe Talent is committed to providing high quality, full-day Daycare & Pre-K program that advances child development. Our goal is to provide school readiness and successfully prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond.  To achieve this, we believe in building a strong partnership with our families and community, provide research-based, and age-appropriate curriculum, and focus on child-centered philosophy.  We value the importance of family involvement and encourage all our families to be active participants in their children’s learning

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At Kings Pointe Talent, we emphasize love, patience, and understanding in every aspect of our teaching. We approach teaching with a child-centered philosophy.  Children learn best by "doing", hands-on activities that challenges and strengthens their body and mind.